[dt_gap height="50"] FUMIGATION (INSECT/ PESTS DISFESTATION) The Department of Parks and Gardens undertakes fumigation of all kinds. We render exclusive services for both indoors and outdoors with the safest (most modern) chemical which are residual, odorless and stainless. The Department also treats a wide range of rodents and reptile invasion. The Department boasts of the [...]

Garden Maintenance

[dt_gap height="30"] GARDEN MAINTENANCE Residential - Call us for maintenance services for your homes. Commercial - Call us for maintenance services for your offices, churches, mosques, temple, football parks, event centers, airports, etc. We ensure to clean up after service delivery.


SALES - DEPARTMENT SELLS THE FOLLOWING All kinds of ornamentals plants. Medicinal plants. Fruit tree. Lawn grass.


LANDSCAPE The Department of Parks and Gardens adds creativity to its works and looks at the Topography of the land to determine what type of landscape would be suitable. The Department does design drawings (3D) landscape implementation. The Department also does supply of Top Soil and Manure. The Department adds to its landscape services a [...]